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Flat-Fee Pricing

The vast majority of the work we perform is done so under an all-inclusive flat-fee agreement. This is advantageous to the client in that you do not have worry about running up a substantial bill.  Our fees may not be the cheapest, but the high quality of work and our signature “get-it-approved” attitude is worth every penny. Some cases take a lot of work and some, not as much.  If the case gets complicated or a difficult caseworker makes the process more time-consuming, the burden of the extra work is on our company and not your pocketbook.

Non-Refundable Fees


We charge all fees as non-refundable when paid. This is important because most Medicaid departments will treat possibly refundable fees as available resources; our fee is considered fully earned and non-refundable when paid.  Sometimes things happen, such as the early death of the applicant or a change in circumstances, and we do not put nearly as much work into the file as we would have otherwise. But on the other hand, sometimes things happen that cause us to have to put a tremendous amount of work into a file regardless of how little we charged. Over time, we find that this balances out for us given the high volume of work that we do. However, under no circumstance is any portion of the fee paid refundable at any time.


Not all services are available in all states.

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