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Are you or a loved one ready to file for Long-Term Care Medicaid but unsure where to start?

Our team of Long-Term Care Medicaid eligibility experts will complete and file your application to help you avoid common pitfalls of the Medicaid application process. 

Medicaid Application Assistance

Do you need to file for long-term care Medicaid but don't know where to begin? Look no further.
Our team of professionals will help you with the entire LTC Medicaid application process.  

•    We will convert assets to exempt status to ensure eligibility and protect your life savings when possible.

•    We will help set up your finances to ensure your spouse has adequate income.

•    We provide you with a dedicated case manager to help move your case along quickly. 

•    Your case manager works with you to assemble the Medicaid application and identify key documentation needed to apply for Medicaid.  

•    Your case manager continues to pursue eligibility throughout the process, working with you to satisfy the department's inquiries and document requests.

We operate on a flat-fee system, so you never have to worry about hidden fees, especially if the case becomes complicated and time consuming. Our fees are set based on the complexity of the case and the various processes involved. Be sure to engage our services before the resident has spent down all resources since the cost of our services can be paid directly from the funds available to be spent down.
Additionally, we assist with Home and Community Based Service/Waiver Services applications for home care and assisted living Medicaid coverage.

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Pre-Application Viability Review

Are you unsure if you qualify for Medicaid?  We can perform a pre-eligibility survey to assess your situation.  

Any fees charged for the pre-eligibility survey will be applied to your Medicaid application assistance.

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Fair Hearing Support

Has your Medicaid application been denied?  Do you need to get your Medicaid Application fixed? No one understands the tribulations associated with the LTC Medicaid application process quite like Medicaid Success Select does. LTC Medicaid applications are denied every day for a myriad of reasons and a troubling amount of them are denied illegitimately. 

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