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Medicaid Success Select™ is part of the Medicaid Success umbrella of companies (including Medicaid Success™ for Nursing Homes and Medicaid Success at Home™ for home care agencies).

MSS offers premier planning support and Medicaid application services to the most elite financial firms and law firms in the country.  We help provide guidance on long-term care Medicaid eligibility strategies and provide a full-service team to handle filing long-term care Medicaid applications in all 50 states.

Elderly Couple Contract

We are NOT a free service.  Our clients come to us through the law firms and financial firms that we support.  We do not work with everyone’s lawyer or financial advisor, as we have strict scrutiny on the quality and types of advisors with whom we choose to affiliate.

Our number one goal is to help the clients of advisors across America with the knowledge, skill and tools to protect assets from the long-term care spenddown with the highest level of professionalism possible.  The Medicaid rules are highly complex and difficult for many to navigate.  Additionally, the Medicaid application process is often difficult and confusing for the average person and many seek expert guidance through this process.  We make this process easy, simple and help advisors and their clients through every stage of the process.

While we are an attorney-led company, we are not a law firm and do not engage in the practice of law.  We do provide applicant representation to the various Medicaid agencies as an authorized representative on behalf of the applicant.

We are NOT affiliated with the government, the Medicaid agency or any other government agency.  Nobody is required, by the government or otherwise, to use our services to access Medicaid.  It is free to apply for Medicaid on your own if you so choose to.

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