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Does your law firm want to offer Medicaid services but lack the staff support needed to follow  though the lengthy application process? We can help free up valuable time and overhead, serving in a support role.  Use us for all of your cases or let us help with your overflow.  

We can help grow your practice.

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LTC Medicaid Application Preparation,
Filing, and Processing

Medicaid Success Select offers legal support services for law firms and care facilities all over the country. This affords their firms the opportunity to work on other projects while we handle the heavy lifting for them. Getting started with us is easy.


Simply complete our attached Intake Form and send it to us through the link below. A processor will contact your firm within 48 hours to gather any additional information that may be required in order to produce an accurate and concise Long-Term Care Medicaid application. Our Case Managers will field all interactions with your client, allowing your firm to save valuable time and freeing up staff to secure new business. 

Click the link below to get started and let Medicaid Success Select guide you through the Medicaid maze!

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Fair Hearing Support

No one understands the tribulations associated with the LTC Medicaid application process quite like Medicaid Success Select does. LTC Medicaid applications are denied every day for a myriad of reasons and a troubling amount of them are denied illegitimately. 

If your law firm has had a Medicaid application be denied within the last 90 days, please contact us at the link below and explain the reason for the application's denial. If contracted, a Medicaid Success Direct Case Manager will represent your client through the Medicaid Fair Hearings process until your application has been approved.

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